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Using our dough will ensure consistency and convenience to your production process. No initial expensive equipment cost or ongoing running costs. No scaling, mixing, dividing or rounding. We have done the hard work, so you can concentrate your time and labour elsewhere. 

Dough Balls

Quality frozen dough balls

A superior quality dough
Drawing on over 30 years of pizzeria experience, we have developed a quality dough mix which is easy to work with.

Using only the finest ingredients and made to a traditional, authentic recipe, we are sure that you will love our dough. 

Great taste
When cooked it holds a crispy golden crust and a soft interior and above all, it tastes great! When it is cold – even a day after – it remains good to eat and can be successfully reheated. 

All of our dough balls are supplied frozen and are of a consistent size and weight to ensure the perfect pizza every time.

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Sourdough Balls

Quality frozen dough balls

The ultimate in taste and aroma
Sourdough pizza dough is a great way to add a twist to your pizzas. We use the highest quality ingredients in our sourdough to achieve a truly distinctive flavour and aroma which is associated with a high quality cultured dough.

Flavoursome and with so much substance, sourdough would be a great addition to your menu. Offering an alternative option for discerning customers who want to try something a little bit different.

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our dough

standard or (00) Farina

Standard pack sizes
All of our dough balls come in the same standard pack sizes and quantities. All sizes can be made with 00 flour. With Massarellas you can always be sure of a consistent product.

Working with the dough
All of our dough can be used in exactly the same way and is very easy to work with. Dough balls take between 7-12 hours to defrost depending on the room temperature.

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